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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> and why commuters may not like the plan for expansion here. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. and we give you a live look at the hp pavilion in san jose. guess what, it is thursday, which turns into friday eve. and it's december 8th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. it's also 5:00 a.m. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. and it is chilly. do we have some sunshine? >> yeah, we have a lot of sunshine. filtered sunshine later on today. you'll see a pretty good amount of haze overhead throughout the next couple of days. i think it will be on the hazy side. the dome of high pressure that hasn't moved over the past couple of days, that's compressing the matter in the atmosphere. that's why you can see the layer
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of pollutant overhead. as we head throughout the day today, we have unhealthy air quality in every county across the bay area. it's cold out there. but we're going to see a really comfortable afternoon. temperatures just a touch warmer in some cities today. we'll take you through the forecast. mike had a construction closure earlier. >> we'll call it filtered traffic for 101. that full closure is scheduled to be picked up right now. we have heard of no delays. crews are likely just leaving the scene. a push this morning to get 20,000 signatures for special election to recall mayor quan. after getting the green light some residents have started gathering the signatures. christie smith is live in oakland with how long they have to combine and get all the
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signatures. good morning. >> good morning to you. yeah, they have 160 days to gather nearly 20,000 signatures. the registered voters here in oakland. all in an effort to try to remove mayor quan from office. but she also released her own statement saying she's focused on things like public safety, trying to create jobs and really doing her job. the head of the oakland black caucus says the person all behind, according to the try bun. the issue is quan has not done enough to fight crime in oakland, stimulate development and create jobs. this means as early as next week we could see people with their clipboards at supermarkets trying to gather the signatures. any recall would coincide with the new election for mayor. and quan is saying the last thing we need is a divisive and
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expensive recall election. i'm christie smith. jon and laura, back to you. >> it will be an interesting story to follow. >> the oakland police department has posted video, transcripts and dispatch records of the occupy protests on their websites. this is one of several clips on the new web page. the department wants to share recordings of the occupy oakland operations over the last couple of months. several protesters have accused officers of using excessive force to stop demonstrators, including tear gas and flash grenad grenades. an overnight standoff ended peacefully. dozens of protesters returned to justin herman plaza to take back the area. they pitched four tents in the plaza, but removed them before midnight when police stepped in. officers say no one was arrested. it all comes after police moved in and dismantled the occupy camp early in the morning. about 85 people were arrested
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then and the tents were removed. how does all of this cost? how much does it cost the city? san francisco says it spent nearly a million dollars dealing with the occupy movement since it started. about 50,000 of it was damage to justin herman plaza where the main camp was set up. the police department says it will continue to spend money as it patrols the the area to keep protesters from setting up a new camp. >> a former electronics executive will be in court to find out how much time he will serve for money laundering. prosecutors say she should send a maximum of six years behind bars. he was arrested back in 2008 and accused of taking $65 million in kick backs from vendors. in february he pleaded guilty to two counts and has been on house
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arrest in palo alto ever since. at&t wants to boost network coverage by installing more than 80 cellular antennas on top of utility polls throughout the city. community leaders worry about the health risk. and the city wants to reduce the appearance of the antennas. a meeting will be held to discuss the matter. >> here's a little something that might not earn a like on facebook. the social networking giant planning for expansion that could cause headaches for commuters. bob redell is live outside of facebook's new head sqquarters n in menlo park. >> right now 2,000 people work here at the headquarters behind me, which has added traffic to
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the area, but however the company would like to have five times as many people working here and another location nearby. that would be 9,600 people trying to get to work. and according to a report released by the city, that could be a problem. one that would create big headaches for anyone trying to commute. it is still capped at 3600 employees. but the social network is asking the city for permission to remove the cap and allow the workers. in exchange facebook would limit the number of vehicles to and from the main campus to 2600 during the commute hours. that's between 7:00 and 9:00 and 4:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon. we assume they would do this by shifting work schedules. it would encourage them to car pool and use shuttles. without the restrictions, major commute routes along marsh,
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willow, middle field, even 101, highway 84, which is the bridge over here would become heavily congested. this is not a done deal. this is still in the review process. they will hold an informational meeting tonight. that will be at 7:00 tonight at the senior center. >> bob redell, maybe facebook is worth so much zuckerberg can offer to buy a new road to build around the place. something to think about. san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to meet with yesterday york today. he's not optimistic about the talks. he says there's little hope of keeping them in town. he announced they have secured $850 million to finance the new stadium. the rest of the money would come
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from the nfl. >> it is 5:07. let's get a check with meet rols christina loren. >> it's still cold, you guys. it probably will be all the way through the next few hours. by 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. however, the outlying areas we had to wait to 11:00 a.m. for places like gilroy to get above the freezing area. as a result of the major dome of high pressure. big area encompassing most of the united states. we haven't had significant rainfall to clear out the atmosphere. we have unhealthy air =. stagnant air yet again. keep that in mind. if you suffer from respiratory issues or asthma, good day to work out indoors.
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by tomorrow more patchy, a.m. fog. this weekend is looking really good. we're always thinking about the weekend come thursday. we'll see more fog each day through sunday. right now you're at 36 in novato. 4 in concord. 3 # in livermore. i'll tell you when the coal dome really takes a hike to the east and we see some major differences when it comes to the weather patterns around here. >> all right, christina. we have a lot of folks working out there in the cold but working up a sweat. road crews, we see some slowing. that's blocking a lane or two. as well as southbound. southbound 680 has a couple of exits closed there. clearing up over the next 45 minutes into san ramon. we'll look at antioch with know slowing westbound highway 4.
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a smooth drive. that's 67 on the right, that will change dramatically over the next 30 minutes. and a live look we'll show you what things are like at the golden gate bridge. clear drive through the north bay. no problems. back to you. >> thank you very much. as we've been telling you, it is a spare the air day again for the bay area. the bay area air quality management district asking residents to refrain from burning wood. the district officials say burning wood both indoors and outdoors will be illegal all day long. officials say unless a fire is your only source of warmth, do not use it, violators can face fines up to $400. >> it is 5:10 now. a couple of bay area women are making national headlines as they search for a holi-date. they say holidays are the worst times to be single and they're looking for men to spend christmas and new year's with. they promise to dump the guy the day after new year's, but not
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before making an epic holiday card. the ad was pulled from craigslist, so the women took to tumbler. no word on if they found dates just yet. >> investigators shocked when they find out who pulled a school fire alarm. >> and why one bay area school district will soon hand out personalized bottled water to the students. >> plus, san jose police are stepping in to try to solve the city's budget mess. >> and for the latest news, traffic, weather and gersa tions convertion, find us on facebook at nbc bay area.
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welcome back, everyone. live look outside. hp pavilion. all quiet there. it's really going to light up tonight as the sharks take on the stars. 5:13 now. this is from the strange but true file. a security camera catching a squirrel in the act of causing a false fire alarm in a florida school. that's right. a squirrel. after an evacuation investigation to find the cull pit security footage showed who is to blame. the squirrel scaling the wall five feet up in the air and then hangs onto the lever and sets off a fire alarm. there it goes. see. right up there. nice work, pal. now look at this. pulled the fire alarm. that made everybody evacuate. and that squirrel now at the school is a legend with all the students at the school. just a squirrel trying to get a
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nu nut. >> we're not getting squirrely in the weather department this morning. we stick to the books. we have some cold weather out there. and as a result you'll need to bundle up this morning. but my recommendation, as it has been over the past few days is to dres in layers. a touch warmer than where we ended up yesterday. thursday, spare the air sochlt close to the weekend now. by friday more of the patchy, am fog. so temperatures will be warmer tonight through tomorrow morning. this weekend is looking good. a little bit more fog saturday and sunday. getting right back to where we should be because of seasonal averages for highs and lows. in napa 29 degrees. oakland, you may be breaking a temperature record. i'm really monitoring your numbers here. 44 in san francisco. you take a trip over the bay bridge. it's 36 in oakland.
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now you're four degrees away from freezing. still warmer in san jose than okay land. your future cast shows you you're going to get more cloud cover. more high clouds and a little bit more fog throughout the day today. by 10:00 a.m., clearing skies but staying on the cool side. round out the day at 3:00 p.m. with temperatures in the 60s. 60 in san jose and 68 in livermore. we're starting out really cold this morning. the east bay interior valleys and the northbound typically the coldest. 56 in venecia. seven-day outlook shows you comfortable conditions continue all the way through the weekend. sun and clouds on monday. by tuesday a little area of low pressure tries to snake into the bay area. i don't think it will bring rain. but it will drop off our temperatures and increase our cloud coverage. overall we continue the dry, dry weather in the bay. let's check your drive with pooik. >> the south bay where we start,
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things are looking nice as far as the speed sensors are concerned. 60s around the speed limit for all over the northbound commute route. except for right here. the little blip northbound 880. that is where there's a construction zone still going on between 280 and old bay shore highway. the northbound side has one and at times two lanes blocked until 6:00. although yesterday they were just after 6:00 when the crew cleared. no slowing here all the way up the peninsula we have a smooth drive now that the construction zone here has cleared. and all crews have cleared off of highway 101. the earlier accident has cleared as well. and a report of the new facebook facility. that's the area of concern that he's talking about. we're looking at livermore. a smooth drive. h 14 minutes all the way to the dublin interchange. just north of your construction. a look towards the bay bridge. in delays as far as colors on the maps here. there's an earlier construction zone that should just about be
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cleared. a live look will show you the traffic flow is relatively light. no major slowing through the area. >> looks good so far. it's 5:17. the european union starts its meeting today. that has investors hopeful there may be a solution to the debt crisi crisis. >> good morning, brian. >> good morning. it's a we shall see situation. futures are higher. stocks ended mostly higher on wednesday. investors awaiting word from yup that they begin the summit. they're trying to agree on a grand solution to solve the debt crisis. the shares are higher. asia ya was down overnight. today in just a few minutes we get data on unemployment and on trade. the nasdaq slipped a fraction to 2649. the justice department looking into possible anti-competitive practices in the e-book market.
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the feds are probing if they helped major publishers when they launched the ipad in 2010. pacific sunwear plans to close up to 200 low performing scores. they've been struggling with plummeting scales and is getting a cash fusion from a private equity firm. they've lost money for 12 consecutive quarters. we're keeping an eye jon corzine testimony in washington, d.c. that happens in about an hour. looking to avoid laying off the police union is green lighting more pay cuts. it was approved to blangs the city's budget. reporting showing the city will save $25 million. the agreement will still be approved by all members of the san jose police union. in an effort to steer kids away from sugary drinks. five san francisco schools are providing students with their own reusable water bottles. it's part of a pilot program
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designed to move the district to compliance with state and federal laws that took effect last summer. the laws require schools to offer children free water at lunchtime. the students can fill the stainless steel bottles at knew hydration stations that provide chilled, fillerred water. always good to take in as much water as possible. >> especially when it gets dry in the winter. >> look at that advice. >> 5:20 now. the east bay city teams up with chevron. we'll tell you which one and why. >> and a may juror hearing to uphold proposition 8. plus, congress tries to unboric a law. yeah, i said it. [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea.
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and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy.
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welcome back, everyone. st this is a live look at the control room. they deserve the applause. that is so true. great crew we work with. supporters of same-sex marriage rallying in front of a san francisco courthouse ahead of a proposition 8 hearing set for this afternoon. the federal appeals court set to hear two major motions. prop 8 supporters asking the court to throw out judge von walker's ruling that struck down the ban because the judge did not disclose he was gay. the court will hear arguments about whether video recordings at last year's trial should be made public. the hearing gets under way at 2:30. it is 5:23. one bay area city is looking to become more energy efficient and it's looking for help from one of the world's biggest oil companies. chevron was hired by livermore to find ways to make the city more environmentally friendly. the company will give its know-how to city leaders, and if
5:24 am
they like it, chevron would be paid to make the upgrade. as part of the deal chevron will install 30 led street lights. reports show livermore spends more than $2 million in utility every year. most from natural gas and electrical bills. do you remember who robert bork is and how does he affect your netflix queue? >> boric was a nominee for u.s. supreme court when ronald reagan was president. during his nomination process, a reporter got ahold of video rental records. nothing embarrassing. there are hold film like the man who knew too much. the invasion inspired congress in the late '80s to pass a law that major video record secrets. the senate is set to reconsider the law to allow companies like
5:25 am
netflix to be more open about what you watch or what you rent from netflix. the house has already voted to allow them blanket approval to let you post your information to facebook and twitter if you want to. other companies like amazon do this all the time. netflix has been prohibited by the old bork law. apple tomorrow will open its doors on the newest apple store at the grand central station in new york city staffed by more than 300 apple employees. and it will feature two genius -- >> i'm surprised it hasn't happened already. >> beautiful. >> amazing. still to come. doctors trying to figure out how a bay area teenager suddenly died. we'll have the latest details coming up. >> live in san jose, coming up,
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early christmas for needy kids thanks to the san jose police officers. >> and if you're just waking up, we have sub-freezing temperatures in many cities across the bay. an unhealthy air quality just about everywhere. >> and relatively calm on the roads. a new i have anjew injuraccident for 880 out of the south bay. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel.
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so fun. pillsbury holiday star cookies start with pillsbury cookie dough easy. then add my own favorite frosting and sprinkles. just three ingredients to sweet memories. holiday ideas made easy. pleading for more time. the family of an east bay toddler shot in the head, asking for your help. what they need is coming up. >> i'm bob redell with how facebook plan for expansion could cause headaches for those of you trying to get to work in the morning. >> plus, we give you a look at downtown san jose. that's the hp pavilion. it is thursday, december 8th.
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this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. it's 5:28. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. time to check with christina loren to see how long the frost will last. >> probably until 9:00 a.m. in most cities we are about four or five degrees above freezing. let's show you temperatures across the board. 39 in novato. novato is about seven degrees warmer at this hour than yesterday. 44 in stran. some of your inland cities are very, very cold. you're at 31 in fairfield. overall a nice looking afternoon. temperatures in the 60s. a nice rebound on the way. we're watching the weekend numbers for you as well. first, we want to check your
5:30 am
drive. there is a new accident from the south bay. the speeds overall are looking good through san jose. but northbound 880 as you pass over, we do have a new accident reported. we'll bring you an update and let you know if it has changed. >> the time is 5:30. the biggest social networking sites want to get bigger. facebook is planning to expand the network. with more people comes more cars. and this is worrying people who live nearby the site. bob redell is live at menlo park with an update on the dislikes for facebook. >> this is not a done deal yet. what they would eventually like to do is have close to 10,000 people working at the campus at bay front.
5:31 am
and another location nearby. that would be a problem. one that would create big headaches for anyone trying to commute through here. this is according to a new report just released by the city. facebook is capped at 3600 employees at the main campus. that's what sun micro systems was capped at when he used to be here. the social network is asking the city for permission to remove the cap and allow extra workers. in exchange facebook said it would limit the number of vehicle trips to and from the main campus to 2600 during the commute hours. the report found without the restrictions the major commute routes around middle field, 101 and highway 84 which is the bridge around here would become heavily ingested. this is not a done deal. it's still in review stages. the city will hold an informational meeting. that's tonight at 7:00 at the bell haven senior center.
5:32 am
the life of a promising east bay football player cut tragically short. morgan state university says freshman thompson died while playing a game of pick f up basketball. he apparently collapsed during the game. he was take torn the hospital where he was pronounced dead. they have set up a bay tribute page for the 19-year-old. if university will hold a news conference later today. he would have turned 20 this sunday. >> so sad. zbr well, the family of an okay lan toddler fighting for his life after being shot this the head is asking for the public's support. the boy's mother says they want to run more tests to check for brain activity. she's worried thatly take her son off life support if the tests are negative.
5:33 am
along with six adults at a west oakland liquor parking store next month. police have detained several suspects. so far no arrests have been made. >> we are learning more this morning about the sex abuse case involving a san jose high school cheer coach and the teenage boy. 23 yeerl anthony loza was arrested over the weird. he is charged with molesting a 14-year-old boy after a three-month period. both loza and the victim admitted to sexual contact to police. the victim's mother learned of the abuse after reading her son's text messages. he was fired after his arrest. he will enter a plea next month. efforts to bring bark to the south bay will come one step closer to reality this morning. the valley transportation authority board is expected to approve a $772 million contract to extent bart. the contract is about $75
5:34 am
million less than previous cost estimates. if all goes well, that is a year ahead of schedule. >> san jose police officers are preparing to swarm a target store in the south bay. but it's all for a good cause. the officers will take the kids on a shopping spree this morning. how fun. tis the season, damien. >> reporter: good morning. it's called shop with a pop. just about three hours the police officers will be walking the aisles here at the target store with these needy kids. they can pick whatever they wan for the holidays. the kids are students from nearby elementary.
5:35 am
they will give each child a $100 gift card to buy whatever they want. some officers privately tell me this is a good way to go back to their routes and feel good by helping a child in need. it's a reason many of them wear it. instead of buying a toy or video game, he purchased laundry detergent and other household items because he knew his family was hurting financially. >> he wasn't so concerned about buying a toy or a game. or an item. you see this and it really touches you. >> the shop with a pop program is held nationwide. organizers hope to grow this event in san jose and perhaps help more kids in the coming years. a shopping spree begins promptly at 8:30 this morning. what a heartwarming story.
5:36 am
that child is thinking of his family ahead of himself. >> that's amazing. >> that is a great story. it is 5:5. let's toss it over to tryst tee na loren. you will be getting cold for me. it is illegal to burn firewood or anything this morning. we have a no burn day. that's for every county across the bay area. some counties getting better air quality this morning. that's down in the south bay where we have moderate air quality. just about everywhere else along the peninsula was not much of a sea breeze. stagnant air leading to unhealthy pollutant levels. if you suffer from asthma, try to workout indoors if it's on your itinerary. as we head throughout the next couple of hours it will drop off a little bit more. some cities are getting a bit of
5:37 am
a break. especially novato where you're seven degrees warmer than seven hours ago. and a little bit on the cool side in places like oakland. it's cold out there this morning. not much in terms of change. we'll see a little bit more fog each and every morning. by this weekend comfortable weather continues. we'll take you through the seven day forecast. you're heading tout the front door right now, mike inouye has an area that could slow you down. >> the first one is right by the door where you put the shoes. then once you're out the door, we're looking at northbound 880. 237, that accident reporting minor injuries in. still in the scepter divide. no slowing at the scene. the slow lane is blocked by that
5:38 am
accident. now 680 out of fremont. the volume is starting to pick up here as well as a live shot. things are starting to get a little bit more crowded here. approaching there off the east shore freeway. just 18 minutes off the bridge. and no problems heading there. 5:38 now. we have the new wrinkle in efforts to extend the federal payroll tax break. we'll tell you about the details in a live report. plus the bay area county talking about fining you hundreds of dollars if you done recycle. and a couple of giants players will not be back next season. who the team says they're not resigning. >> and come find us on facebook. jon kelley recently making a post.
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welcome back, everyone. a live look outside this morning. it looks like something is lit up there this morning. >> there's a new twist in an effort to keep the extra thousand dollars in your wallet next year. republicans are trying to extent the tax cut they want to tie to a building the president is saying not so fast. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: jon, good morning. they have decided to put the decision off until after november's election. now they are saying it could create tens of thousands of jobs. they are trying to link it to this discussion ongoing about preserving the payroll tax cut. the 2% we all got this year trying to send it to next year. they said he will reject any
5:42 am
bill. any legislation that links the two. that the payroll tax cuts should not be link to a very controversial pipeline. it's controversial because it's $7 billion. it was cut 2,000 miles across the u.s. to canada or toward canada. but they were concerned about oil spills and greenhouse gas emissions. all of this was to be decided later. republicans still concerned about the impact of this outbreak. >> clearly congress is getting really close to the holiday break. what do you think the chances are they will put in overtime to make sure the thing gets done? >> reporter: they'll probably put in overtime before the break. president obama said he doesn't want anybody going home until this is done. he said he will forego his vacation in hawaii, his traditional holiday vacation with mrs. obama and the girls. he said they can enjoy it
5:43 am
without me. we have to get this done. >> i think we should go along with him to hawaii. >> if there's a vacancy. 5:42 now. the house homeland security meeting will hold a hearing in the nation's capitol to review passenger screening technology at u.s. airports. transportation security administrator will it have on the safety of their screening machines and security procedures. they long complained airport body scanners and pat downs are invasi invasive. >> the man at the center of the penn state scandal is back in jail this morning facing new child sex abuse charges. former assistant football coach jerry sandusky was taken to t county jail after being unable to post $250,000 bail. this after two more accusers
5:44 am
came forward to say they were sexually abused by him. one claims sandusky molested him numerous times in a basement bedroom at sandusky's home. he already faces 40 counts of child sexual abuse involving eight boys over a 15-year span. >> let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning, guys. it's another cold one out there. grab the jacket. something to peel off later on today. and some cities are actually a touch warmer. we have warmer numbers this morning. you're in the 20s at this time yesterday. so a significant warm up in the north bay. the reason why is we're getting a little bit more of the low cloud cover. so that's trapping in the heat we accumulated yesterday. some cities where it's completely clear, oaktown, it's
5:45 am
cold. seven degrees cooler with a completely clear sky overhead. make sure you bundle up this morning. 36 degrees out there. some cities are getting a bit of a break. so all cities will be getting a break. mostly saturday into sunday. we'll see another cold night tonight. always in a better mood on fridays. lit be cold again. not as cold saturday or sunday nigh night. this is not going to last long. we'll get a mostly clear sky over the bay area. just low cloud coverage hanging over the east bay. spare the air on thursday. we have unhealthy air quality just about everywhere except for the south bay. if you suffer from respiratory issues, limit your outdoor activity as much as possible. a little bit more fog in the morning. overall looking pretty good.
5:46 am
take you through the numbers for today. 60s in most cities. 60s everywhere across the bay. 61 in gilroy today. and 60 in pleasanton. i'll have the seven-day outlook in moments. we want to check your drive at 5:46 with mike inouye. >> we'll take you to the south bay. the speed sensors are just fine. the commute hasn't quite kicked in yet. but al northbound 880 we have the construction crew that isn't scheduled to clear until 6:00. all slowing earlier has cleared from the map. just watch for the crews through the area for the next few. northbound 880, we also have crews here because of an accident, minor injuries and blocking the slow lane, that's northbound 880 just north of 237 depending on which side of the freeway you exit. we're looking to the peninsula side. we're showing a speed limit for 101 up and down the peninsula for 280 along the coast. highway 1 is not showing any
5:47 am
delays. we'll look at the golden gate bridge. along the coast, highway 1 as well as over the bridge itself, low clouds are drifting through the area. so just a note for drivers. and also for the north bay. so just be careful. back to you. >> a sandwich shop is recovering from a gunshot wound. the shooting happened around 10:00 at a subway in sunnyvale. the clerk was take on the a local hospital and is expected to recover from the injuries. the suspect was spotted fleeing on foot. she's described as either a hispanic or pacific islander woman in her early 20s. fretty vague description there. anyone with information is asked to call the police department. despite a family tragedy, corner back chris johnson is expected to play in sunday's game against the packers.
5:48 am
johnson rushed home to texas after his sister was murdered and his mother was wounded. 33-year-old jennifer johnson was killed by her ex-boyfriend, you gene esters. he also shot johnson's mother's. he was arrested at the scene. >> it's 5:48. san francisco police are trying to figure out if someone is poisoning pets in the sunset neighborhood. a woman who lives on 15th avenue near lincoln way says her 11-month-old puppy and year and a half old cat got sick and died on sunday. they found the drug methadone in their system. the owner says the family doesn't keep the drugs in the house at all. tvrjts woman accused of helping her boyfriend cover up a hit and run that critically injured a bay area firefighter says she's not guilty. prosecutors say she delayed the investigation and then tried to order parts to fix the damaged
5:49 am
suv. her boyfriend, eduardo is accused of is using the suv to run him down at a san francisco gas station on thanksgiving day. apparently they got into a fight at a nearby jack in the box right before the incident took place. >> it is 5:49 now. alameda county could soon fine you up to $1,000 for dumping newspapers, cans and food scraps in the trash. tonight the county's waste management authority will discuss a plan to make recycling mandatory. the new mandate wouldn't actually reduce the tons of waste general rated by the county's 1.5 million residents, but it would divert up to 700,000 tons of recyclables that could end up in landfills. >> the giants trying to get back to the world series. but they will not include two key players.
5:50 am
ross and the giants clearly not on the same page. and beltran was simply a long shot. it is 5:50 now. coming up, the christmas wish that's coming true thanks to our viewers. plus, the new efforts to preserve a well-known bay area landmark. and along silicon valley trading case comes to a close (announcer) still got flakes? switch to selsun blue shampoo. maximum strength mecine wipes out flakes. aloe and moisturizers keep hair healthy.
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taking a live look outside. looks like traffic st picking up, but moving smoothly on 880. we'll check the official morning commute with mike inouye. the popular tv show myth busters doing damage control after busting up a neighborhood in dublin. here's the deal. a cannon misfired big time during a taping of the show and sent a cannon ball flying right into people's homes. the wild shot, get this, traveled about 3,000 feet over a hill. it crashed through a front door, bounced off another home and finally rested by shattering a van window. now the host of the discovery channel show are going door-to-door. they're reaching out and furious homeowners. a group is asking a bay area landmark to be preserved and preked. they filed paperwork with san francisco's elections department
5:54 am
yesterday. they want a measure to strictly limit commercial activity and private events at coit tower. the group needs 9,000 signatures to move forward with that measure. and they hope to get it on the june ballot. >> a christmas wish come true thanks to nbc bay area viewers. the alternative family services says because you stepped in it was able to buy about 1,000 gifts for the 500 foster kids the organization served. that is great news. the nonprofit holding a holiday party last night. each and every kid got a gift to take home. >> i got a soccer ball. and a game and legos. >> it's two hours that they're not thinking tbt the situation. it's showing the commune cares and people get together. it lets them feel like they're sharing the holiday season like everybody else. >> i just love that story.
5:55 am
but the organization still does need help here. the hope is to buy 1,000 more gifts for the kids before christmas arrives. the department of justice wants to know if you pay too much for electronic books. scott mcgrew joins us. europeans were wondering the same thing. >> that's right. yesterday we told you how the european union was looking into the way apple priced e-books in the bookstore. now the obama justice department wants answers, too. investigating applinge and five book publishers to see if they were keeping the book prices high. it is illegal for competitors like publishers to get together to set a specific price for a product. the federal trade commission meanwhile wants to know more about facial recognition. what it means for your privacy. companies like face book experiments with new ways to identify people in pictures and video. advertisers are interested as well.
5:56 am
it could mean signs and billboards could recognize you and display special ads. and a former employee at santa clara has pleaded guilty to insider trading. he passed secret financial information to analysts who were able to trade shares before the company's earnings went public. 56 people have been accused of insider trading over the last couple of years. 53 were convicted. it's been a big scandal more so in new york city where the convictions are taking place. certainly silicon valley was deeply involved in a lot of them. still to come on "today in the bay" occupy protesters back out at justin herman plaza. >> plus the last stitch efforts to keep san francisco 49ers in the city by the bay. >> outdook activities like taking out the trash later on today. >> and construction crews
5:57 am
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new this morning, you're going to start seeing them at oakland supermarkets gathering signatures. the effort to recall oakland mayor quan just got the green light to move forward. i'll have the story in a live report. >> reporter: and while facebook might not get the like from commuters here in menlo park. i'm bob redell. that story is coming up. proposition 8 will be the subject of two motions in federal appeals case m coming up. it's thursday, december 8th. taking a like look outside. we'll check the morning commute. help you get out the door, if that's where you're headed. this is "today in the


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